BSides Charlotte has continued to monitor the COVID situation very closely over the past several years determining in 2020 and 2021 that our only option was to hold a virtual conference. For 2023, we continue to go in-person based on various factors, primarily the increase in number of vaccinated individuals and updated guidance provided by the CDC and other medical authorities.

We are a community and do not wish to see anyone become ill and fully support those who continue to take appropriate precautions.

While health related matters are an individual decision as they often pertain directly to an individual rather than a collective group, COVID poses a different scenario in that it has had broad affects on society and large groups of people. As such, we may change our stance on this depending on changing information and official requirements in effort to best serve the greater community.

While we will NOT require vaccination or masks for attendance, we do encourage attendees to wear masks and strongly encourage those that are immunocompromised to mask as well. Regardless of your decision, please be safe, take any appropriate precautions you deem necessary and remember to wash your hands!

If you are feeling ill and especially if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness please STAY HOME and watch our remote streams. BSides Charlotte reserves the right to revoke entry or ask to leave any attendee that is exhibiting symptoms of illness.

We wish all of you good health and look forward to seeing you at the conference once again this year.

~BSides Charlotte