Call for Papers

Please submit your presentation proposal via the form at
As our first year back after a few year hiatus, we wanted to show our attendees that with anything, you can always start something new in your own way. It seems like everyone has gotten into this industry in different ways, whether it be from school, connections, or personal interest. We also want to see your new or favorite skills and learn how YOU got into the Infosec community. Do you have a new project you are working on that you are dying to show off? Something new you figured out that could really help others in the industry? We want to see your skills and hear about you and your #Journey into the Infosec world.
What are the best ways to get selected to speak?
  • Select a topic relevant to the security industry. It can be technical or non-technical. We are interested in everything: Reverse Engineering, Malware, Crime / Fraud Schemes, Forensics, Pentesting, Red Team / Offensive Tactics, Blue Team / Defense, New Security Tools, New Vulnerabilities, Cryptography, Incident Response, AppSec, OSINT, Social Engineering, Lockpicking, Law Enforcement, Privacy, Digital Rights, “Soft” topics related to human interaction with tech and security, and new technology you have been designing, coding, engineering to help improve our community.
  • Propose a talk that sticks to our theme, tell us briefly about how you got into Infosec and explain your Infosec Showcase, we want you to show off!
  • Please supply as much detail as possible so the selection committee can see what the major thoughts are – outlines are welcome.
  • Please DON’T provide a vendor pitch. We want to keep this about you and your project, not about sales.
If you are chosen to present at BSidesCLT, each speaker will receive:
  • Free Admission
  • One free conference t-shirt
  • A speaker badge
  • Access to a speaker event the evening before the conference
  • *Speakers will not be otherwise compensated
Other Details:
If you’re selected to speak, we encourage you to be present for the entire conference to take in everything BSidesCLT has to offer, and to share with our community. Participants may want to engage with you and ask you questions about your talk.
The speaker selection process will be “blind”.  Only the speaker chair and BSidesCLT president will be able to see the Speaker Details section (speaker name and below) for speakers who have submitted.  We believe a blind review will remove unintentional bias and give speakers an equal footing on submissions. We would rather have submissions judged on the merits of their contents rather than the prior reputation of the speaker. Please do not include personally identifiable info in your session description.
Co-presenters will be accepted up to a maximum of three presenters per talk.
Do you have any special equipment needs? f so, please specify in the form. BSidesCLT will provide a microphone, LCD projector with HDMI connection, and a projection screen.
BSidesCLT would like permission to record, duplicate, and freely redistribute this presentation, including but not limited to digital slides, online audio, online video, conference CD, and/or handouts for educational and all other purposes. BSidesCLT will never sell copies of the materials, audio, video, etc. If there is content in your presentation that you do not want copied or distributed publicly you are responsible for clearly communicating that to BSidesCLT so your session will not be recorded. Please see the recording selection in the form, and optionally use the notes to indicate any additional concerns.
Submit something quickly and second-guess yourself? Speakers will be able to edit their submissions  up to the close of the CFP process.
Our Conference Principles  (some may call it a Code of Conduct) can be found here:
Please submit your presentation proposal via the form at
If you have any important inquiries about the CFP process please submit them to