Keynote Speaker – 2020

BSides Charlotte is pleased to announce that our Keynote Speaker for 2020 is Sam Kinch!

Sam Kinch is a hacker of many things. As the Chief Operating Officer for Hackers for Charity, he pioneers efforts to educate, inform, and enable cyber security technology solutions in other nonprofits and charity organizations. His work fueled efforts to provide offline cyber security platforms around the world and he currently leads the Hackers for Charity Red Team.

Since 1991, Sam served in both the Army and the Air Force with a multitude of tours to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Following his early career as a cavalry scout and C-130 aircraft pilot, he currently serves as a cyber warfare officer in the role of National Guard advisor to US Cyber Command and technical advisor to the Defense Science Board.

His Keynote is titled Grey Days and Solver Linings – “The cyber world is not a trash bin on fire…in light of current world events, there are silver linings.”