BSides Charlotte Security Conference 2023

Event Overview

Players will register through BSides platform with their first and last name, email and skill level. Prior to the event, you will complete your registration on WWT’s platform. You will receive an email invite to register on this event page. Once you create an account, you will receive your pre-game resources.

Cyber Range teams — comprised of teams of three to four players — will be pitted against one another. The objective of the competition is to solve practical cyber challenges in an emulated environment. This is a red team-style mixed capture the flag event that will require you and your team to actively break into an internal network as if you were a hacker. As a member of SAVE’s interactive cyber operations team, you have 8 hours to hack into The League’s internal network, obtain three parts of a passphrase, decrypt the file and provide a disable code to mitigate the sale of the stolen data to the black market.

What to expect

WWT’s Cyber Range Capture The Flag events are dynamic, live-fire cyber exercises designed to give your security teams the real-world training they need to sharpen their cybersecurity skills and increase vigilance in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Hosted in our state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Cyber Range pairs real-world, hands-on learning with fun, entertaining gameplay on a scalable platform that can facilitate any type of force-on-force simulation.

  • Test and evaluate advanced cyber technologies to increase resiliency.
  • Develop and enhance skillsets for emerging tools and solutions to bolster your capabilities.
  • Assess individual skills and identify gaps on your teams to strengthen your posture.
  • Establish chemistry among your cyber teams to fortify your operations.

Goals and Objectives

Thousands of organizations across the world are grappling with a new supply chain ransomware attack. A nefarious collective of hackers called The League has taken credit, but a consortium of affected organizations is turning to SAVE to take a stand… asking players to turn the tables on The League by breaking into its own network to obtain a release code that would win back their stolen data.

Who should attend?

Hands-on security practitioners involved in day-to-day defense or offense.

Registration Link

Note: Base Registration link no longer valid. Link left just below for reading about the event.

BSides Charlotte Security Conference 2023 – WWT